What would Pepe read?

Our library just got started with character book lists. That is, imagining what a character would read, if they were real, and then putting it into list form for patrons to take home. I think they’ll be turning them into book marks and maybe some nice displays.

In a moment of divine inspiration on Wednesday, I chose to dive into the mind and supposed bookshelf of Pepe the King Prawn.


I know plenty about Pepe from his appearances in movies (most notably Muppets from Space), but did some extra research to make sure I was getting him right. He hails from Madrid, he was a cook for a while, he has an affinity for dancing ballet in tutus, he claims to hang out with Ricky Martin, and he LOVES the ladies. I had to work with books we already own in our library’s collection, so that was a little bit limiting. I think I found some good ones. Let me know what you think!

I think the saddest part was that we don’t even have Pepe’s book in our collection, so I couldn’t add it to my list. Ah well.

The Ballet Companion – Eliza Gaynor Minden

Ballet Favorites DVD

Casanova: Actor, Lover, Priest, Spy – Ian Kelly

 The Dark Heart of Hollywood: Glamour, Guns, and Gambling: Inside the Mafia’s Global Empire – Douglas Thompson

Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes?: Bodies, Behavior, and Brains: The science behind sex, love, and attraction – J. Pincott

From Clueless to Class Act: Manners for the Modern Man – Jodi R. R. Smith

Jim Henson: The Biography – Brian J. Jones

Made in Spain: Spanish Dishes for the American Kitchen – Jose Andres

Modern Romance – Aziz Ansari

Ricky Martin Live Black and White Tour CD

Ricky Martin, MTV Unplugged CD

Tapas Made Easy – Tomas Garcia


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