Summer Reading Recap


Sorry for the summer hiatus, but if you’re a Children’s librarian you’ll understand why. From June 22 – August 14th, this library was abuzz with activity. Our young patrons were bringing in reading logs at a dizzying pace, and we scrambled to keep up with them! Thousands of raffle tickets, photo copies, and stickers later, and it’s all but a memory. Fall programming starts up on Monday.

This summer we tried to do things a little differently at my library. We opted out of small prizes that everyone receives at certain reading milestones (say, a spider ring for reading 10 hours, or a finger trap for reading 15), and instead went for fewer (but larger) prizes that would be raffled off at the end of the eight-week program. Most people were into it!

Of course, we also hosted some BIG events, and of those, my absolute favorite was the Fairy Tale Ball! Since then, I’ve seen photos of similar events at other libraries, and I’ve got some excellent ideas on ways to improve. Still, the event was a huge success! Girls and boys came dressed up in their fantasy gear to join us in what was essentially a giant dance party. I got to wear my prom dress from 2002, which is always a treat. 🙂 We had about 70 kids and their parents, so it was a full house. I always like doing evening programs for families with working parents. As a working mother myself, I’m very sympathetic to the difficulty in getting your little ones to daytime programs! This was one fantastic partay.

Over the course of the summer each member of the staff is responsible for one or two programs in addition to their weekly storytime. My other program this summer was a “Celebrating YOU!” -themed program, where we watched the Weston Woods video version of Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes and then painted our own self-portraits. Sometimes our story-themed programs don’t go over well (as in, poor attendance. People want parties and food, it seems), but this one was great fun! I was happy because Chrysanthemum is one of my all-time favorite books.

You really can’t beat a story about a little girl mouse named Chrysanthemum.


About the only things I got right were the moles and the brows.

I have to admit, it’s hard not to make fun of your own terrible self-portrait. But! In keeping with the spirit of the program, which was all about celebrating what makes you wonderful and being proud of our talents, I kept my trap shut. If I want kids to have self-confidence, I’ve got to show what it looks like, right? It was hard, though, because, um, the eyes, and the weird tiny shoulders, and the hunchy nature of the stance and and and… Like I said, the kids had a great time making their own self-portraits, and they did a FANTASTIC job!

Of course, we had tons of other awesome programs (Giant Candy Land! Live Animal Show! Balloon artist! Ladybug Girl crafts!), but these two were near to my <3.

And now it’s over! Congratulations to all my fellow librarians out there for another SRP in the bag. It’s my favorite time of the year. I’m curious: what are some SRP 2015 activities that you’re particularly proud of?


5 thoughts on “Summer Reading Recap

    • Coco says:

      Thank you! We had loads of fun! Do share the idea–I’ve seen lots of other libraries that have done it and the idea is a simple one: basically just a costume party for fairy tale characters. Very easy and people love costumes.


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