Wish Girl

This is my most recent book review for our Children’s Department. Enjoy!

DPL Children's Room Book Reviews: Fiction

If you’ve ever felt alone, or felt like nobody wants to see or hear the real you, you’ll have much in common with the two main characters of Nikki Loftin’s lovely coming-of-age tale Wish Girl. The story revolves around Peter Stone, the quiet boy who feels like an outcast in his own very loud, very stressed-out family. It sometimes feels that only his baby sister Carlie understands him (fittingly, she calls him “Peep”). His problems seem big and insurmountable–violence follows him everywhere, from the schoolyard to the streets to his own house; Peter is a walking target for bullies. His family is going through its own turmoil, compounded by Peter’s dad not having a job, and he and his problems only seem to make matters worse. Wouldn’t it be better, he wonders, to just disappear? When he stumbles upon a girl in a mysterious valley who has big problems…

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