Summer Reading, Ahoy!

We’ve only a few precious weeks to go before our biggest event of the year begins in earnest. This year’s theme is “Every Hero Has A Story,” and as many other libraries have done, we’ve also decided to use superheroes as our thematic foundation. Many libraries have also already started their programming, but ’round these parts our schools don’t even get out until June 19th, so all our summer activities start up the week of the 22nd. I’m VERY excited about some of our programs (an evening fairytale ball! superhero costume design! Herculean labors! a kitten that survived a tornado!), and while we’ve already completed so much, there’s still much to do.

Our main display wall. It's about 75% done.

Our main display wall. It’s about 75% done. Each floor of a building represents 1,000 hours of collective reading. Our library goal is 10,000 hours read. Every time they complete 1,000, we’ll light up the windows with yellow paper on one of the floors. Two superhero kids will leap from building to building as the floors are completed!


This little apartment is my handiwork. I have to admit–I love it. I also have to admit that I don’t think the stairs are going to survive the summer.

The main things I still have to figure out are as follows: plan my “Celebrating YOU” program that revolves around Kevin Henkes’s (my hero!) Chrysanthemum, flesh out the fairy tale ball, and plan my summer storytimes. The last item is going to be the first one I cross off my list, I think.

I’m excited to refocus baby storytime to really make it about the babies. Lately I’ve had lots of young toddlers in there, which has made things super fun but also has changed the way the storytime feels. Now that we’ve taken a few weeks off, I’ll be able to start back up on the 24th and really hone in on the lapsit elements that make baby storytime so special for children and caregivers.

I’ve already decided on my first two books: Look at the Baby, by Kelly Johnson, and Hello Baby!, by Mem Fox. I like the idea of reintroducing the storytime as very baby-centric. Parents are reluctant to move on from the storytime even after their babies turn 1 (our baby storytime is from birth-12 months) because it’s safe, small, and comfortable. But the truth is, their babies are often walking, babbling, running, and getting into mischief. They really could use an upbeat toddler storytime to harness their energy! Of course, it’s often because the parents and caregivers have formed great friendships that they are reluctant to leave–but the way I look at it is that these are wonderful problems to have! People don’t want to leave my storytime? Yay!


If you have any wonderful suggestions for lapsit-time books, rhymes, or activities please share them here! I’m always all ears. You can see books I’ve used in the past in the “books” link above. I’ll be updating it shortly with the summer’s selections. I’ll also be updating my “rhymes” section to mirror what we’ll be doing for the 8 weeks of June 22-August 14.

As always, thanks for reading! How’s SRP where you’re at?

Update: I can’t believe I forgot to post the SRP music video that got sent to schools! We worked so hard on it! (Please forgive our flat singing):






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