the secret of the storytime basket


Now that I’ve had the opportunity to see a few different types of storytimes (those put on by librarians at my place of employment as well as librarians for other communities), I think it’s fair to say that we all have our own way of presenting ourselves to our audience. Part of that presentation is in what we have on our person: glasses? wacky earrings? thematic shoes? a pressed pantsuit? The other part of that presentation is what we bring with us as extensions of ourselves: bags, puppets, books, portable flannel boards, blankets, and boomboxes are all reflections of who we are in storytime. I thought I’d unwrap the mystery of what’s in my basket today, and encourage you to share what you keep in yours.

In many ways, the basket is my toolbox. It can also be a home for a puppet, a bed for a doll, a collection basket for used shaker eggs and scarves that need to be washed before they can be put away, and of course a source of wonder for the youngsters who see it and just have to find out what’s inside. Here it is, the mystery revealed:


From left to right, clockwise from the top:

-baby sign language flashcards and resource book

-little mouse and all his houses

-frog tape (for hanging the houses and the mouse on the wall)


-polar bear stuffed animal (he is my baby stand-in, but no name has ever stuck)

-books for storytime (this week it’s Dogs by Emily Gravett, and Smick by Doreen Cronin)

-storytime blanket

-novelty Halloween bubbles in a finger-shaped container (they make the best tiny bubbles)

-iPod owned by our department

-larger, less creepy bubble container

-past storytime plans

-puppet/surprise bag with drawstring opening

-pad of paper

As an aside, I bought the re-usable cup pictured in the first photo a couple years ago at Homeport in Burlington, VT. It makes me happy!


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