Butterfly Storytime

I had the best Mother’s Day gift delivered to me this past Infant Storytime! My husband was kind enough to take the morning off so that he could bring my 10-month old daughter to the library. I was so happy that she could join in–sometimes it stinks to always be hanging out with other people’s babies and not your own. She had a total blast watching the other children and playing with the shaker eggs. I’ve taken her to a few storytimes in the area on my mornings off, but so far I haven’t found one that I love enough to attend regularly. Many of them are very quiet, subdued, and soft–mine is loud and dynamic, but I like it that way! I think Julia did, too.

I wasn’t quite on my A-game, sadly, because I was feeling kind of crummy that day, but in my heart I was floating on air. It was great. I decided to do some butterfly books for the occasion because we’re currently hatching butterflies in our Children’s Room, and it’s such a nice time of year to celebrate rebirth, transformation, and beauty.





I’m not sure I could ever say enough good things about Lois Ehlert. I love her illustrations so much for their simplicity–she captures the essence of all she illustrates so, so perfectly and beautifully. And Petr Horacek’s story is just so breezy–the pop-up butterfly at the end was a wonderful surprise for the babies and their caregivers. Both books were probably a tad too long, but they were so worth it.


-Good Morning Song

-Shake My Sillies Out, from More Singable Songs by Raffi

Bounces/ Rhymes/Songs:

-Open Them, Shut Them

-Can You Clap?

-I’m A Little Duck

-Rain is Falling Down

-Little Arabella Miller

-Two Little Blackbirds

Read: Butterfly, Butterfly

Scarf Activities:

-Dance/sway to “Everybody Wants to be a Butterfly” from Perfectly Purple, by Eric Litwin,

-Jack in the Box (Jbrary)


Read: Waiting for Wings

Shaker egg song:

-“You Must Really Like Me” – Parachute Express

Little Mouse Activity

Goodbye + Bubbles:

-“Twinkle, Twinkle” from the album Catch the Moon, by Lisa Loeb and Elizabeth Mitchell.


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