when your week has been chock-full

I feel like the mayor of Crazyville this week, friends. I had four biggish programs crammed into this one week, plus an extra time-consuming assignment, and I am so relieved that it’s all finally over.

My preschool storytime on Monday (the one with the felt board version of Lunch) was AWESOME! I’m so glad I put some extra prep time into that one. They loved the felt story, especially thanks to this gross/hilarious rat puppet we have in our puppet collection. They all wanted to get their fingers nibbled by the rat! It was a hit. The rest of the afternoon I worked on our SRP school outreach music video (to the tune of “Everything is Awesome” from the LEGO Movie).

Wednesday I had my baby storytime and that was…ehhh…so-so at best. We had some new faces (that was great!), so I was sorry I hadn’t done as much prep for that as I had for Monday. I realized on the way to work that it was Earth Day, so I made some changes to the books that I think only worked okay. We read An Egg is Quiet and something else that I can’t even remember right now (just goes to show how un-great this storytime was). We still sang and clapped and did our rhymes, but it just wasn’t as wonderful as usual. Oh well. Next time!


For the record, I LOVE these books! They just didn’t work in my storytime on Wednesday.

Wednesday afternoon was my FINAL afterschool outreach at a local elementary school. I totally and completely forgot to plan for this because of some SRP stuff going on. I had it in my mind that it had already been planned weeks in advance because I had come up with an idea (melted crayon art on canvas), but then I never bought any of the materials and I only have one blow dryer. It was full-on crazy planning all through lunchtime! But, it all got figured out. We made woven bookmarks from Oriental Trading kits that we had kicking around in our closet, and we also drew little cherry trees and glued pink pom-poms on to the branches to act as cherry blossoms. A little lame but it took up the whole hour and a half, and they were happy!

The next day I re-visited my bean mosaic program and it went REALLY well! The kids at this program seemed a lot more invested in their art and were having a great time. Lots of fun and not a lot of prep. That was nice, and they did a great job.

But holy moly! I’m looking forward to taking a little rest today before kicking the SRP video editing into high gear! We still need to record our song.



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