preschool storytime fill-in: flannel!


You guys, I’m moving out of my comfort zone a little bit today! I’m the substitute Preschool Storytime lady on Monday (my dear coworker is out due to knee replacement surgery) and I need something fun and interactive for the 3-5 year-olds. After looking and looking for inspiration, I finally landed on something I could sink my teeth into (har har)!

Given my love of all things crafty, it’s hard for me to believe I don’t venture into the world of flannel and felt boards more often, but…I just don’t. I don’t even have a good excuse. It just isn’t on my radar. But, I figured filling in for my coworker is as good a reason as any to wade into the waters of storytelling and flannel-board fun. Someday I’ll have to tell you the tale of using Arnold Lobel’s Small Pig as a lap puppet show. Talk about out of my comfort zone!

Anyway! After falling down the rabbit hole of amazingness (that’s what I call tootling around on other people’s storytime blogs) I landed on this gem. Denise Fleming, that ol’ standby, is also FANTASTIC and fun, and her stories are wonderful for storytelling. Of course, of course. And I never, ever would have thought of it on my own. Thanks to Anne Clark for this fun and easy flannel board idea!

Felt pieces based on the foods Mouse eats in Fleming's LUNCH.

Felt pieces based on the foods Mouse eats in Denise Fleming’s LUNCH.

I have to admit: I’m proud of that li’l turnip.

Anyway, I think I’ll be good with big action activities because they are so easy to come by and even the oldies are goodies (“Tooty Ta,” anyone?). A food theme is a favorite with everyone,  I should think, so I do believe this foray into the world of felt will be a fun one!


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