for the birds

Have I mentioned yet how much I love watching birds? One of my greatest pleasures is to sit quietly in the living room and watch the sparrows and chickadees that inhabit a big shrub outside our window. My nine-month-old daughter loves it, too, so I figured that birds would be a great springy storytime theme. I don’t always do themes (just look at last week’s…I think the only theme was “happy,”), but sometimes it does make our time together feel more cohesive. When I choose themes, it’s usually only for the books I find, and not for the rhymes. I try to include something thematic here and there, but I do so many rhymes that I find it would be hard to change them every week to fit the theme. Additionally, repetition is very important for babies, so I like keeping our rhymes and songs consistent so everyone can learn them.


Another note: this week I used a non-fiction book about robins as my second storytime book. I think it’s an important reminder for caregivers that our collection of books includes great non-fiction material for youngsters. They love to see photos of real children, animals, and plants. That said, I LOVE Have You Heard the Nesting Bird? It’s beautiful and lively and you get to do all kinds of bird calls.


-Good Morning Song

-Shake My Sillies Out

Bounces + Rhymes:

-Mother and Father and Uncle John

-See My Eyes

-Here is the Beehive


-I’m A Little Duck

-Legs Apart, Legs Together

-Tiny Mice

Read: Have You Heard the Nesting Bird? – Rita Gray

Bounces + Rhymes:

-Itsy Bitsy Spider

-Two Little Blackbirds

-Funny Fat Frog

-Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

-Open Them, Shut Them

Read: The Robin in the Tree – Dana Rau

Shaker Songs:

Walking With Spring” – Okee Dokee Brothers (these guys are AMAZING! I listen to them in the car all the time, even when my child isn’t with me)

“You Must Really Like Me” – Parachute Express


-Little Mouse, Are You In The ________ House?

-“Twinkle Twinkle” and bubbles!



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