Spring Outreach: Seed Mosaics!

It’s here! It’s really here! Spring is arriving tomorrow (I heard rumors of snow but I’ll just keep dreaming of crocuses, daffodils, and all things green) and in honor of this noble season, my elementary school outreach is devoted to SPRING! The outreach is a three-week enrichment program that the school runs–community organizations, businesses, and individuals are invited to come in and teach three-week classes to elementary-aged students. There will likely be a karate class, a cooking class, a poetry class, a Minecraft class…you get the picture. It’s all “extra” stuff that they don’t get to cover in school. The kids LOVE these three weeks. Even after a long day in school, they are almost all super excited to spend that extra hour doing something that they are interested in. This year the library went with “crafty,” but in the past I’ve done origami, American Girl, and writing.

Our first week is going to be seed mosaics. I was so excited when I found this idea online (wish I could remember where…). So simple, fun, and cheap. You just need some glue, some seeds/beans/rice (are all those technically seeds?), and a sturdy piece of paper. Voila! Mosaic time.


I drew a bird because spring. But kids will have fun drawing just about anything. Seed robots! Bean people! Rice buildings! It’s all good. I can’t wait until April to see what they come up with.



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