a good day

I try to squeeze Kevin Henkes books into just about every aspect of my life: afterschool activities, storytimes, school outreach, even at home with my own baby (I’m pretty sure she’s sick of reading Old Bear, but I WILL NEVER TIRE OF IT). The pictures are bold and sweet (without being too sweet), and the messages are often poignant. In short, they can be enjoyed over and over by children and adults. In keeping with my “is spring here YET?!” frame of mind, I’ve picked books that make me feel warm and fuzzy all over. It helps that they incorporate lots of pretty things, like flowers, feathers, and baby animals (to name a few). I would have chosen Old Bear (oh, that magical moment when he steps into spring!), but our copy got trashed. I’ll have to wait until I can get it from another library in the consortium. It’s all good. Just like the other Henkes book I chose, it’s going to be a good day!

Books: A Good Day, by Kevin Henkes; A Book of Babies, by Il Sung Na


-Good Morning Song

-Shake My Sillies Out, from More Singable Songs by Raffi


-Tick Tock  (from Baby Play, by Dr. Wendy Masi and Dr. Roni Cohen Leiderman for Gymboree)

-Mother and Father and Uncle John

-Here is the Beehive

-Five Little Hot Dogs

-Rain is Falling Down

Read: A Good Day

Bounces/ Rhymes/Songs:

-Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

-Open Them, Shut Them

-Here We Go Up, Up, Up

-If You’re Happy and You Know It

-I’m A Little Teapot

-Tiny Mice

Read: A Book of Babies

Shaker egg song:

-“Everything Grows” from Raffi’s Everything Grows album

Little Mouse Activity:

Every week I put up five different colored houses on the back wall. A mouse is hidden behind one of them. We knock on each door in succession, asking, “Little mouse, little mouse, are you in the _________ (fill in the color) house?” Then we lift up the house to see if he’s underneath!

Goodbye + Bubbles:

-“Twinkle, Twinkle” from the album Catch the Moon, by Lisa Loeb and Elizabeth Mitchell.



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