Frozen Party!

Holy Elsa, you guys. Disney’s Frozen came out in 2013 but it is still as hot as ever with the younger crowd. Here in NH we have a week-long February vacation from school, during which the library usually provides some extra programming. In addition to a board game afternoon, our annual puppet show (more on this in another post), our usual weekly storytimes, and a special program about the Blizzard of ’78, we hosted a FROZEN PARTY! I used Pinterest, I scoured blogs, and I looked to the great Storytime Underground Facebook page for inspiration. It all culminated in an hour-long singalong extravaganza. Imagine 80 little Elsas and Annas running around and singing their hearts out! It was pure magic.

A backdrop I painted for the "photobooth" area.

A backdrop I painted for the “photobooth” area. I’d been planning this since December–ample time to get into decorating. It isn’t perfect, but I’d say it’s not bad!

When it comes to parties, I think setting the mood is the number one priority. My supervisor and I strung up icicle lights around our meeting room and hung up a big backdrop I’d painted for the occasion. There were also teal-colored tablecloths on the coloring tables and lilac-colored tablecloths on the snowflake wand table, so it all seemed good.

I also like to set up stations at my parties! It gives everyone a place to be (but I will say that this was my most chaotic party yet). We had two lanes of “Troll-O-Rama” rock troll bowling, and then a snowball toss event, in which kids threw Styrofoam balls into a giant Olaf’s mouth. There as also a coloring station for kids who didn’t want to wait in line, and a photobooth area. I’m so BUMMED because I made special props-on-a-stick for the photobooth and forgot to put them out. Oh well.


My supervisor is on the left,  I’m on the right. I stayed up a few nights putting my Elsa costume together! Check my other blog for information about that little adventure. All I’ll say is: I made that mesh shirt and I am proud of it, even if it didn’t quite fit.

I wish I could find the original blog that inspired me to make snowflake wands, but they were a huge hit for boys and girls alike. We handed them out right before singing.

Pretty paper straws were plenty sturdy for our wands. The snowflakes are made of pearly card stock. We bought the snowflake die from Accucut specifically for this program.

Pretty paper straws were plenty sturdy for our wands. The snowflakes are made of pearly card stock. We bought the snowflake die from Accucut specifically for this event.

The minute-by-minute breakdown:

1:00pm – Tell the guards to open up the gaaaaaaaaates! But first give a little talk about the stations, being careful around the projector, etc.

1:05pm – Walk your regal self around the room and take pics with adoring fans.

1:10pm – Assure anxious parents that yes, we’ll be singing soon. Apologize for the chaos of having lots of lines!

1:20pm – Announce the royal sing-a-long! Get everyone to sit on their bottoms. Have parents and coworkers help you pass around the snowflake wands.

1:25pm – Start the singing! We sang ’em all, and then we sang “Let it Go” twice in a row. Tee hee!

1:45pm – Tell kids that if there were any activities they didn’t get to play they are welcome to stay for the next 15 minutes. Take some more pictures with kids in front of the backdrop. Take a deep breath.

2:00pm – All done! I think parents were happy that it was only an hour-long program (I know I was!). We had a party with NO FOOD, and nobody was sad or felt like they missed out. I think people always thing party=food, but I am ALL about non-food rewards (like magical snowflake wands! and fun activities! AND SINGING!). The kids didn’t even miss it and I think the parents were happy to not have kids getting frosting all over their Elsa costumes.

The numbers:

79 children, 55 adults in attendance

100 pre-made snowflake wands (I pre-made them so that we wouldn’t have to deal with the glue setting)

2 plastic bowling sets

1 big Olaf cut-out for snowball toss

150 coloring sheets

6 strings of icicle lights



Parents commented on how much fun it was, and seeing those children just leap to their feet at critical musical moments was awesome to see. So, so, happy and so, so fun. Success!



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